28 maio 2011

When It's cold!

It's cold Today!

When it's cold in cold weather, for me it's like nice,
Because for my being appropriate to the existence of things
The natural is nice just to be natural.

I accept the difficulties of life because they are the destination,
Accepted as the extreme cold in the winter high -
Calmly, without me complaining, as one who merely accepted,
And it finds a joy in the fact accepting -
In fact scientific and sublimely difficult to accept the inevitable natural.

What are the diseases to me that I have and the bad that happens to me
Otherwise the winter of my person and my life?
Winter irregular, whose laws of appearance unknown,
But for me there because of the same fatality sublime,
Just unavoidable externality to me,
That the earth's heat high in the summer
And the cold earth on top of winter.

Accepted by personality.
I was born like any other subject to errors and defects,
But never the mistake of wanting to understand others,
Never the mistake of wanting to understand just ran the intelligence,
Ever to defect to claim the World
What would any thing that was not the world.

Fernando Pessoa 

-Olá Pessoal, estou eu aqui em clima de mudança, e sem muito tempo disponível para
novas postagens no blog, pois isso hoje faço uma homenagem aos visitantes americanos de meu blog. A antiga postagem do poema de Fernando Pessoa ! (P.S tradução Google)

Forte abraço a todos!

-Hello Guys, I'm here on climate change, and without much time for new blog posts, do it today because a tribute to American visitors to my blog. The old post from Fernando Pessoa's poem! (P.S. Google translation)

Big hug to everyone!

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